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The System

The system

Try a whole new way of getting around!

LPA ByBike is the new automatic bike borrowing system for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with 150 Bicycles and 13 Bike Stations distributed throughout the city. You can always decide where to pick up or return your bicycle quickly and easily, with no queues, delays, or hassles.

Now in addition to riding the bus or taking a taxi, residents and visitors can use these bicycles as their individual means of public transport. Not only is it free, it's also convenient, healthy, environmentally friendly, and very easy to use.

In cities all over Spain and in the rest of Europe as well, bicycles are becoming more popular as a means of transport and a way to get around, whether for commuting to work, going shopping, or just enjoying a ride through the city.


practical and easy to access for anyone: men, women, teenagers, and older adults


small, lightweight, flexible, ecological and silent


real economic savings for the user compared to the costs of driving a car


stations and web app are ready to communicate with their users in multiple languages


users can improve their physical fitness and state of mind


great way to supplement other public and private means of transport


flexible installation options with no need for additional construction


the quality of the components can reduce vandalism to a minimum


offers an option for autonomous electrical supply (Photovoltaic)


a good infrastructure for bycicles costs 10 to 20 times less compared to the investment required for cars


improves and encourages mobility in crowder city centres, able to cover a significant portion of the daily trips made in any city


promotes reduction of CO2 emissions in the city. This also helps to decrease energy dependence on petroleum fuels and decreases pollution levels for noise, air, water and soils


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ByBike LPA :: The public bike system in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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